Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bridal Shower

On Sunday I had the pleasure of helping plan for and attending a bridal shower for one of my best friends ever. It was hosted at the bride's sister's (who is also the maid of honor) house and was a pretty and classy affair! If the shower is any indication of how great the wedding is going to be, I can't wait to fufill my role as bridesmaid:)

Martha Stewart Sugar Cookies made by me using Wilton wedding dress and cake cutters. I also had heart and wedding bell cutters but didn't think they were as cute as these ones!

Monogrammed cupcake toppers. I got the Monogrammed "E's" from Martha Stewart. I copied and pasted them to word and re-sized them into appropriate cupcake topper sizes. For the tea pot and "tea for two" toppers I took Martha's monogram and copied it onto Picnik and put a white "sticker" over it. Then I was able to type in the "tea for two" message, which was the theme of the shower. For the tea pot I did the same thing but had to copy the blank circle onto Paint and paste the tea pot on. I hope this makes sense. I was inspired by a post made on Homemade by Jill so head on over to her blog if you'd like further instruction...those are much clearer!

Egg salad tea sandwhiches made with white and whole wheat bread using a biscuit cutter. I also cut holes in the tops using and apple corer and added sliced olives. There were also delicious turkey cranberry-walnut croissant sandwhiches, and chicken apple curry with mango chutney sandwhiches. There were also canapes, a shrimp appie, dips, and deviled eggs in the savoury food department!

The sweets table with a few items missing.

Close up view of the cupcakes. They are white cake with chocolate and strawberry icing. They got a little mushy with all the crazy humidity we've been having but look (and I believe tasted) pretty sweet!

Gorgeous tea cups!

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